Hello, friend!

I’m Sirey Zhang! I seek grand adventure and I hope to change the world one day! Unfortunately, I’m still on my parents’ health insurance. No matter, my wheels spin on.

I’m a bit of a word lover. I take immense pleasure in all things word related. I like to show off my skills by speaking in metaphors to my friends, and I often find that my words take me places that my thoughts alone cannot. It’s always the grandest of conclusions that I’m able to draw from a bit of uninterrupted writing. However, I’ve realized that the finite words that exist can only encompass a mere fraction of how one feels, so I’ll try my best to be honest and candid with the limited resources that we all have as humans.

I believe in showing, rather than telling. I think that if we tell a story right, then we’re actually showing more of ourselves than we ever could otherwise. Therefore, I really can’t “tell” much about myself and my world. I’ll certainly try to show you instead, in order to connect with you, the reader, in some deeper way.

This blog is dedicated to the experiences and thoughts I want to share, and the beliefs and wishes I hold. It is the exhibition of the person I already am, as well as how I am being shaped. If you’re interested, please read on!

Most importantly, however, I’m here to show you what is important to me, the incomplete and jumbled ideas that float around in my endless sea of thoughts.

Enjoy the blog of a 19 year old kid (maybe young adult?)- an average person who tries to do above average things 🙂


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Sirey!!!
    It’s great to meet you here 🙂 We appreciate your perspective towards life, awesome introduction particularly the way you have ended it on a strong note 🙂
    Look forward to stay connected & share more,


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